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Go, Fighting Broadcast Engineers!

SBE expands its educational efforts with SBE University

The Society of Broadcast Engineers has announced the opening of SBE University.

According to its Short Circuits newsletter, the mission is “to bring expert instruction on a variety of technical radio and television topics to broadcast engineers at an affordable price.”

Though lacking in an actual campus and therefore prospective school spirit (no toga parties, cool school sweatshirts or a football team that we know of), SBE University aims to demand high academic standards.

The first three courses are “AM Antenna Modeling,” “FM Transmissions Systems” and “Matching Networks and Phasing.” Not exactly Basketweaving 101.

Fortunately, SBEU isn’t nearly as expensive as a real-world school either, with prices starting at $75 per course for SBE members (a bit more for non-members). No SAT or GSAT required.