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Gold-Line Debuts Measurement/Recording Microphone(2)

Gold-Line Debuts Measurement/Recording Microphone

The Gold-Line MK 10 microphone features a one-half inch diameter, pre-polarized condenser capsule with an omnidirectional polar pattern. The mic is designed to deliver a flat frequency response and has been selected for inclusion in the Gold-Line Prokit Measurement System.
The frequency range is rated at 20Hz to 10kHz, plus-or-minus 1 dB or 10 Hz to 20 kHz, plus-or-minus 2 dB and a maximum SPL of 128dB. Each mic comes with an individual frequency plot, foam padded carry case and clip. Housings are machined brass with matte silver finish.
The suggested retail price for the MK 10 is $250.
b. m. cox

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