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Goldman Leaves First Broadcasting to Form Engineering Consultancy

Goldman Leaves First Broadcasting to Form Engineering Consultancy

Story copyrighted by Imas Publishing.

Prominent radio engineer Bert Goldman is leaving First Broadcasting on a fulltime basis to form his own consultancy, called Goldman Engineering Management, based in Dallas.
RW reported a day earlier that First had named Goldman senior technical advisor and honorary chairman of its new RF signal propagation lab to open in January. He remains an advisor to First Broadcasting.
Goldman was senior VP of engineering. He had been with the company 3-1/2 years, having come to First from ABC-Disney. His 30-year career also includes corporate VP of engineering stints at Shamrock, Patterson and Nationwide.
Goldman told Radio World the time was right to make a change. “Getting out on my own is something I’ve always wanted to do. This the right time, given where the broadcast industry is in general and where HD Radio in particular is in its rollout.”
The concept behind the company will be to make “as needed” engineering management services available for the first time to many broadcasters, said Goldman. He’ll also offer sale preparation for station sellers and due diligence or pre-acquisition analysis for station buyers.
Part of his expertise, he said, is in analyzing both business and technical conditions and helping stations decide if a digital conversion makes sense for them.
He was replaced at First by William Hieatt.