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Google at Center of Radio Speculation

Google at Center of Radio Speculation

Business media are starting to pay attention to Google’s activities in the radio realm, reporting on its hiring of radio sales people and speculating about its intentions, including a possible purchase of Clear Channel assets.
“We believe there’s a reasonable chance Google Audio is establishing critical mass in anticipation of a major acquisition of prime inventory,” one researcher was quoted as saying by Reuters via CNN.
It quoted Google spokesman Michael Mayzel saying the company will begin a public test of Google Audio Ads by the end of the year; advertisers will be able to go online and sign up for targeted radio ads using the AdWords system they use to buy Web search ads.
Reuters quoted other sources saying Google had been approaching numerous radio operators in recent weeks.
Google also is set to begin helping customers buy ads in U.S. newspapers in a test of how the Web search company can extend its business into offline media, Reuters reported.

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