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Greater Media Has Big Hopes for WJJZ Move Into Philly

Better sound quality and reach for WJJZ(FM).

Better sound quality and reach for WJJZ(FM).

That’s the message from Greater Media about its Philadelphia “smooth jazz” station at 97.5 MHz. The company said it is now broadcasting with “the maximum permissible signal for an FM radio station in the Northeast.”

An improved signal will mean a “significant improvement” in the sound and reach for listeners in the Delaware Valley, which includes parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Station Manager Jim Brown said the company had made “a substantial investment” to bring the format back to the area.

Greater Media VP of Engineering Milford Smith tells RW that the new facility is 26 kW at 683 feet HAAT. It was formerly sited in Trenton, N.J.

“The big news is the move into Philly, which makes it a legitimate full-market signal,” Smitty said. “It was pretty much a full Class B at the old site, as it is at the new.

“Ironically the site – the so-called Wyndmoor or Mermaid Lane tower – was home to the original WJJZ at 106.1, which still operates from there as WISX. Same site, same call sign, same format.” The antenna is a two-level, three-around custom dual-feed ERI panel; analog transmitters are from Broadcast Electronics, digital transmitters are by Harris.

Smith said in the company announcement that the project is “right at the top of the list” of his career highlights.