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Greater Media Turns 50

Greater Media Turns 50

Happy birthday, Greater Media. The company will note its 50th on Friday, March 31, and put out a summary of its history this week reminding reporters of the date.
Yale classmates Peter A. Bordes and Joseph Rosenmiller founded the company on March 31, 1956. It started with one station in Southbridge, Mass. By the 1980s, its businesses included radio, cable television, printing, publishing and telecommunications operations. In 1999, it sold the cable business to focus more on radio and newspapers.
It is headquartered in Braintree, Mass., and now owns 19 radio stations in Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia and New Jersey; it owns a printing plant and a group of weekly newspapers in central New Jersey and several telecommunications towers.
“I am proud of the achievements of our company over the past years,” said John Bordes, Greater Media’s chairman of the board. “My brother wanted the company to remain independent and locally based. Lee Bordes, Peter Smyth and I are going to do exactly that.”
Smyth, the president/CEO, said in the statement that the company will, in coming years, “continue to be among the first broadcasters to embrace new technologies and new methods of communicating with our listeners and advertisers. We know that is what Mr. Bordes would want us to be doing.”