Grokking the New Media

PRPD attempts to help its members comprehend new digital mediums
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These days technology changes rapidly. Sometimes it seems that no sooner have you become familiar with some new technology, much less mastered it, than another comes along. And they cannot be ignored. Social media is a prime example of that.

The Public Radio Program Directors Association feels your pain.

The PRPD has created a Digital Media section for its members in the Knowledge Base section of the association website. The section aims to have the latest in research on digital and social media along with material on practices, journalistic coverage and even a resource directory.

Chairman of the PRPD Board Todd Mundt states: “Program directors are increasingly assuming responsibility for content and presentation on digital platforms at their stations … PRPD is creating a new and rich database of knowledge to educate PD's, inform them of trends, and help them make good decisions in this important space.”


Execs Break Down New Media

Top executives will come together Thursday, 10:30 a.m., to discuss the digital media explosion and its effect on radio. They will take a look at everything from podcasting to Internet radio and more, while letting you in on the secret of how to make new initiatives work to your financial gain.

New Media Gets Stations Noticed

Web sites, social networking and live streaming opportunities oftentimes equate to a stronger brand, a more cohesive listening community and increased ad revenue for a station.