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Grounding Guru at AES

Ralph Morrison wrote the book and he’ll be at the AES Convention

Another reason for the engineering purist to attend the 129th AES Convention in San Francisco, Nov. 4–7?

Ralph Morrison.

You might ask, who?

Ralph Morrison is considered to have, literally, written the book on grounding, shielding and interference with circuits. His “Grounding and Shielding — Circuits and Interference” was the first in a long series on the subject when it was first published in 1967. It’s been reprinted and updated every 10 years since then.

Morrison will present two separate seminars on Nov. 6. In the monring, he will cover signal and power transport, facility design, interference, and shielding as applied to analog circuits and radiating structures. In the afternoon, he will delve deeper into transmission lines, impedance control and matching, ground and power planes, power supply decoupling and filtering; analog and digital circuits, balanced digital lines, common-mode rejection, and PCB layout.

Product Design Track Chairman Bob Moses explained: “When I began developing the program, I made a short list of critical subjects and the foremost leaders in those areas. Noise and interference are major issues for all designers. Ralph Morrison’s classic textbook on the subject is indispensible. I was very pleased when he agreed to give us a full day of his time, and I expect everyone who attends to walk away wiser and inspired by his depth of knowledge.”