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Group Broadens Focus for Eureka-147 Beyond Europe

Group Broadens Focus for Eureka-147 Beyond Europe

While progress in the rollout of Eureka-147 has been made in many countries, Quentin Howard says there are challenges to overcome before the DAB platform is standard throughout the world.
The new WorldDAB president told the General Assembly in Prague he plans to concentrate on several areas. “The first is to ensure that DAB is seen as the best platform for multichannel radio and the primary replacement for domestic analog FM and AM.”
His agenda also includes convincing more commercial radio companies to convert.
Derivatives of the Eureka-147 standard are driving the launch of Digital Multimedia Broadcasting in Korea next month, while BT Livetime in the UK is testing an IP-based transport system over DAB, the organization stated.
Howard believes the extension of DAB standards from an audio broadcast platform to a multimedia dimension makes it attractive and allows WorldDAB to move away from Europe and toward Asia.