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Group Heads Back Rush

Group Heads Back Rush

During a session with radio group executives at the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia, Moderator Sean Hannity called his fellow talk show host a close, personal friend and asked panelists whether Limbaugh’s controversial comments about an African-American Philadelphia football were a mistake or rather, “a celebration of free speech.”
All the panelists said Limbaugh was expressing his opinion and they admired his decision to quit ESPN. If he had expressed the same opinion on his own show it wouldn’t have become national news, they agreed.
They agreed the issue would be discussed for days and it brings to the forefront what radio is supposed to do – debate issues.
Hogan said the company encourages air talent to “go to the edge.”
When asked where jocks should draw the line, Mary Quass, president and CEO, NewRadio Group, said, “You have to exercise good common sense. But if we become so safe that it makes stockholders comfortable, than we become bland.”