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Group Purports Link Between Concentration & Indecency

Group Purports Link Between Concentration & Indecency

A study by the Center for Creative Voices in Media believe there’s a relationship between ownership concentration and broadcast indecency.
It put out a study saying that from 2000 to 2003, Clear Channel, Viacom, Entercom and Emmis were responsible for 96% of FCC indecency fines while their stations accounted for only about half of the country’s listening audience.
The group also stated that “some of the politicians who are now trying to crack down on indecency by raising fines on broadcasters are the same ones who voted in 1996 to relax ownership rules that contributed to concentration.”
Radio, rather than TV, violations were targeted because “there were not enough in TV for a meaningful analysis.” There are roughly 13,500 radio stations and 1,700 TV stations in the country, according to latest figures from the FCC.
The group wants to see regulators reintroduce “meaningful ownership caps, limit vertical integration of ownership” and promote ownership diversity. The grant-supported group says it is dedicated to preserving independent and diverse voices in media.