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GSS Connects With NextRadio

Feature is to be available to NextRadio users later this year

Here at the NAB Show, Global Security Systems announced it is partnering with NextRadio.

“The NextRadio app team will review ways to interconnect with GSS’s Alert FM emergency notification system to provide users with federal, state and/or local information during the event of a man-made or natural disaster,” the company said. “This new feature is scheduled to be available to NextRadio users later this year.”

The announcement was made by NextRadio President Paul Brenner and GSS President/CEO Bobby Adams. The latter said NextRadio will act as a software connection between the FM radio receiver in the cellphone and the Alert FM system.

The Emmis-backed NextRadio app turns an Android smartphone into an FM radio with interactive Internet features added. GSS Alert FM provides emergency information to the public using RDS capacity of FM radio stations; consumers receive the information on Alert FM receivers or devices such as cellphones with an FM chip and supporting software.