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GSS Establishes Agreement With Satellite Provider(2)

SkyBase runs an interoperable, push-to-talk satellite network aimed at emergency managers.

Global Security Systems signed a business agreement to work with SkyBase Communications, a satellite communications supplier.

“SkyBase has teamed up with GSS’s Alert FM, an FM-based emergency alert and messaging system, to pursue business endeavors throughout the United States,” the companies stated.

SkyBase Communications markets satellite services to agencies that respond to emergencies and disasters. Products include deployable systems used during disaster recovery that provide voice and data communications. Its client list includes FEMA, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory and state and local agencies; it is based in Tallahassee, Fla.

Alert FM lets authorized users send alerts and messages through a Web-based portal to a targeted group at times of crisis. The system uses the FM RBDS broadcast infrastructure. GSS, based in Jackson, Miss., says its service is now available in nine states.