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GSS to Speak on Alert System Using FM Signals

GSS to Speak on Alert System Using FM Signals

Global Security Systems, a manufacturer of homeland security and natural disaster first-alert systems, says it has scheduled speaking engagements to help educate government officials and the public about the need for a new digital homeland security and all-hazard alert system.
It proposed an emergency communications system based on FM radio transmissions, and says it will address the needs of first-responders and the general public.
The system will allow text messages to be sent via FM radio signals to responders in crisis situations, transmitting a single point-to-multipoint message using RDS and RBDS data protocol, layered by “need-to-know” groupings. The digital alerting system identifies receiving units by using its equipment “primary identifier” and a programmable (over-the-air) identifier.
Additionally, the system is programmed to provide “Grid Alert” (defined geographical area) messaging capability, meaning that users have the capability to alert receiver devices in a specified geographical area or that enter the specified area.
GSS uses a standard commercial FM receiver chip that can be inserted into pagers, smoke detectors, cell phones and PDAs.

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