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GSS Wins Alerting Designation From Several States

Says it passes muster in Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma

Providers of alerting services have been pushing hard to be involved with state and local governments that are creating modernized alerting infrastructures around the country.

Global Security Systems said Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma have designated its GSSNet Alert Studio and GSSNet satellite network as statewide CAP-EAS aggregation tools for managing EAS messages to LP1 and LP2 FM stations. The announcement means those states accept the GSS systems as being among the compatible alerting infrastructures they will use.

Louisiana and Mississippi also will use digital broadcast delivery of text messages to FM receivers with GSS’ Alert FM.

The company said it worked with broadcast associations in those states, and it quoted “Lou” Munson, president/CEO of the Louisiana Association of Broadcasters; Jackie Lett, president of the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters; and Vance Harrison, president of Oklahoma Broadcasters Association, in its announcement.

GSSNet Alert Studio can create and retrieve alerts in formats including WAV/MP3 files, live text-to-speech and live recorded messages. CAP alert messages can be disseminated via its FM-based satellite system “on a national, regional or hyper-local basis” to receivers of AM and FM stations including HD Radio. IP distribution via the Internet adds redundancy.

The company will exhibit at the upcoming NAB Show in Las Vegas.