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Guam Stations Get Antenna Upgrade from Jampro

Three-frequency system helps FM stations expand reach

In an effort to extend their reach to listeners across Guam, KZGZ, KGUM and KPXP radio stations — all of which are owned by Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting — have upgraded their Jampro antennas from a two-frequency system to a three-frequency system.

To complete the upgrade the stations installed Jampro’s JSWB Broadband FM antenna.

The Jampro JSWB Broadband FM antenna is a side mount antenna designed for multiple frequency broadcast applications. The circularly polarized antenna can simultaneously broadcast HD and analog radio, and is able to handle 10 kW to 100 kW, says the firm.

The JSWB also offers VSWR performance and an 88–108 MHz frequency range, adds Jampro.