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Hageman-van de Pol Takes Sales Role at Digigram Inc.

Hageman-van de Pol Takes Sales Role at Digigram Inc.

Details are coming into place about how Digigram Inc. will be run after the departure of its president, Neil Glassman, who had helped the French parent company launch its North American presence.
Overall supervision of Digigram Inc. will be handled by Digigram S.A. Managing Director Philippe Delacroix, who will assume the title of Digigram Inc.’s president.
A spokesman said there will be no change in the current staff. The U.S. sales staff of James Lamb and George Butts will be headed by Miranda Hageman-van de Pol, the recently-appointed sales and communications director for Digigram S.A. She will also manage some key U.S. accounts.
Communications will be managed by Hageman-van de Pol and Digigram S.A. Communications Manager Frank Seidel.
Glassman last week announced that he would be leaving the company.