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Harding to Head NABA

Moves from executive director to secretary general

North American Broadcasters Association Executive Director John Harding has been appointed to the position of secretary general by the association’s board of directors.

President of the NABA Leonardo Ramos said, “Mr. Harding is a respected, thoughtful leader recognized for driving consensus, building relationships and managing change in rapidly shifting environments.”

Before joining the NABA, Harding was president of the Radio Marketing Bureau. Harding filled an open position. David Baylor, a former DIRECTV executive vice president, was the previous secretary general.

The Toronto-based NABA is the North American affiliate of the World Broadcasting Unions. It is a group of companies and organizations examining issues such as spectrum allocation, content rights, journalism practices and public/private broadcasting. Members include CBS, Sirius XM, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and PBS, Fox, NBC Universal, Time Warner, CBC Radio/Canada. National Public Radio is an associate member.