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Harris Demos DAB, DRM, HD-R at IBC2006

Harris Demos DAB, DRM, HD-R at IBC2006

Harris Corporation comes to IBC in Amsterdam this year with transmission, audio networking and studio technology.
The IBC2006 exhibits will be open Sept. 8-12, with the conference taking place Sept. 7-11.
Harris will offer digital radio transmission displays for DAB, DRM, and HD Radio at its main stand, as well as a joint radio/video DAB transmission demo at the Mobile Zone. The company will also showcase Intraplex NetXpress, plus a studio systems and consoles display featuring VistaMax Envoy studio audio networking, a NetWave digital on-air console, and Harris NeuStar 5.1 surround sound technology as designed by Neural Audio.
Harris will conduct product demonstrations to showcase recent growth in DAB, DRM, and HD Radio.
IBC2006 marks the company’s first international HD Radio demonstration, which will feature its new low-power ZX transmitter and the FlexStar HD-R product line. Visitors can hear an HD Radio signal transmitted by the ZX transmitter and see a multicasting demo using the FlexStar HDI-100 Importer, HDE-100 Exporter and HDx-FM exciter architecture. The new Harris DATAplus system, which allows for text display of artist/title information, news, weather, and other information over the HD Radio receiver, will be demoed.