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Harris Expands Low-Power Transmission Options

Introduces DAB over IP solutions, adds new models to Flexiva radio transmitters

Harris recently rolled out new transmitters, an electronic data interchange (EDI) module and the Intraplex IP Link 100 codec for large analog and digital radio transmission networks.

The company has unveiled new Flexiva transmitter models (50, 150, 300 and 500 W), targeting international broadcasters deploying multiple low-power FM transmitters across a region or country. 

The company also revealed a new EDI product for Internet protocol-based distribution of content over multipoint digital audio broadcast (DAB) transmission networks, enabling targeted content delivery across large regions. The unit distributes content from a central point to multiple transmitters, each with a receiving EDI module built into its Apex M2X exciter. This design eliminates external components through the integrated interface.

Harris also recently introduced Intraplex IP Link 100 codec for studio-based operations. The codec’s Dynamic Stream Splicing option is designed to allow broadcasters to send identical audio streams over the IP network for signal redundancy. AM, FM and other digital radio broadcasters can also use IP Link 100 codecs at the send and receive points of a studio-to-transmitter, studio-to-studio or remote broadcast link.