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Harris Gets Oregon Public Safety Radio Contract

$50 Million deal includes specialized multiband radios

Harris has won a $50 million radio contract in the public safety realm.

The company said the Oregon Department of Transportation ordered public safety radios, technology and services for a Radio Project that will support communications needs of ODOT and the Oregon State Police.

“The program includes those systems currently operated independently by the ODOT and the Oregon State Police, and initiates an integrated statewide network that will allow Oregon to comply with the federal narrowbanding mandate that governs spectrum use for land mobile radio (LMR) systems,” Harris stated.

The contract includes 6,800 portable and mobile multiband radios to deliver interoperability for first responders. They are intended to let state, local, county, tribal and federal radio users in Oregon communicate on-scene without the need for outside assistance. The radios have a graphical color display, Bluetooth accessories and integrated GPS.

A P25 (Project 25) trunked 700 MHz radio system will be deployed in densely populated areas. That system will be integrated into the state infrastructure and will constitute an Internet Protocol backbone that Oregon can expand for statewide communication.