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Harris Has Exclusives on PocketREC, Audicy2

Harris Has Exclusives on PocketREC, Audicy2

Harris Corp.’s Broadcast Communications Division announced at the NAB show that it has been named exclusive North American distributor of two new products.
The Orban Audicy2 is the next in a series of audio workstations. It uses a DSP-based Digigram soundcard and integrates with digital delivery systems. It supports Microsoft DX plug-ins, and edits WAV and MP2 files. It runs on Microsoft Windows XP and can use any Windows-supported networking and storage.
PocketREC is a new tool for producing digital audio in the field. The software was created for use in Microsoft’s PocketPC and similar portable devices. It uses Windows-compatible files to upload recorded data to the radio studio. It can also edit and label material on a PocketPC, then send the material to a studio via the Internet, remote access or the studio’s docking station.
PocketREC Inc. was formed in 2002 by Marty Martin and Josef Hallermeier.