Harris Has Exclusives on PocketREC, Audicy2

Harris Has Exclusives on PocketREC, Audicy2
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Harris Corp.'s Broadcast Communications Division announced at the NAB show that it has been named exclusive North American distributor of two new products.
The Orban Audicy2 is the next in a series of audio workstations. It uses a DSP-based Digigram soundcard and integrates with digital delivery systems. It supports Microsoft DX plug-ins, and edits WAV and MP2 files. It runs on Microsoft Windows XP and can use any Windows-supported networking and storage.
PocketREC is a new tool for producing digital audio in the field. The software was created for use in Microsoft's PocketPC and similar portable devices. It uses Windows-compatible files to upload recorded data to the radio studio. It can also edit and label material on a PocketPC, then send the material to a studio via the Internet, remote access or the studio's docking station.
PocketREC Inc. was formed in 2002 by Marty Martin and Josef Hallermeier.