Harris Lays Out Product Plans for Spring NAB

Harris Lays Out Product Plans for Spring NAB
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Harris has laid out its plans for the spring NAB show, including a Tomorrow Radio/supplementary audio demo, and a new digital console for smaller markets.
The large, closely watched broadcast vendor said its employees will present two radio-related papers: "Linearizing HD Radio Transmitters - A Technical Survey" by Dr. Anders S. Mattsson, principal engineer of advanced development; and "Distributed Intelligence Applied to Routing of Audio and Control in a Radio Broadcast Environment," by Ted Staros, senior engineering manager of Harris' Pacific Design Center.
The company said it would emphasize a "strong turnkey approach" for radio broadcasters. Booth products will include the Harris Z8HD solid-state transmitter, with a look at the new Flexstar FM HD exciter; 3DX50 AM transmitter for high-power transmission; a new digital console for smaller markets called the VSDMII; and new Control Center software panels for managing the VistaMax networking system.
Harris will also have a demo of the DAX1 AM transmitter with a DRM modulator and content server to initiate digital radio upgrades in international regions that support the DRM format; and it will display the NeuStar product line that enables 5.1 surround sound over FM HD Radio.
A Tomorrow Radio/supplementary audio demonstration will include Harris' Mini-HD Series of separate amplification transmitters with the Harris Dexstar exciter and Flexstar HDI-100 Importer and HDE-100 Exporter.


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