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Harris, Neural Audio, Radio One Go Live in 5.1 at NAB Radio Show

Harris, Neural Audio, Radio One Go Live in 5.1 at NAB Radio Show

The Broadcast Communications Division of Harris Corporation will support its NeuStar product line display at NAB Radio 2005 with a live 5.1 surround sound broadcast of two local Philadelphia FM stations. Radio One will produce live 5.1 transmissions of its Philadelphia stations WPPZ(FM) and WRNB(FM) using Harris a Harris Z Series FM transmitter and the Harris NeuStar 5225. The continuous broadcast will be received live using an antenna attached to the Philadelphia Convention Center roof. The companies say the demo will show the impact that surround sound can bring to radio production.
Powered by Neural Audio, the Harris NeuStar 5225 allows for capture, creation, storage, editing, mixing, monitoring and transmission of 5.1 and stereo content within a common stereo infrastructure. It ensures backward and forward compatibility to allow analog, digital, lossy, linear, stereo, and 5.1 content to interoperate within the existing “stereo” broadcast environment, according the Harris and Neural.
Radio One recently began using the Harris NeuStar 5225 at WRNB(FM), and the station is currently producing commercial spots in 5.1 surround. The broadcaster will set up at the Harris booth and broadcast WPPZ and WRNB in 5.1.