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Harris Offers ACC+ Systems in U.S.

Newly approved in America, the technology helps AM transmitters squeeze electrons

There’s not an AM broadcaster alive that wouldn’t like to see lower energy bills for his or her transmitters. Thanks to the FCC’s recent action, that’s easier to do now.

In the wake of the commission announcement, transmitter maker Harris Corp. said it will make its Adaptive Carrier Control Plus modulation-dependent carrier level control technology available for use in the United States.

Heretofore it had been available only abroad but the FCC has now approved its use, with waivers required.

According to Harris and other proponents, the technology can lower energy usage by as much as 35%, though 10–20% is more common. Harris says its DX, 3DX and DAX transmitters are compatible with the technology and that many transmitters in the field can be retrofitted. The technology also is compatible with HD Radio and DRM systems along with Dynamic Carrier Control and Amplitude Modulation Companding power reductions technologies.

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