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Harris Promises ‘Renewed Focus’ on Radio at Show

Harris Promises 'Renewed Focus' on Radio at Show

HD Radio is a big theme at the upcoming NAB Radio Show. In fact, Ibiquity and RF vendors will show the IBOC system’s first transmission software upgrade at this show. (Read about that in the current issue of Radio World.)
Three days of technical workshops are devoted to IBOC and vendors are laying out their plans for the convention.
Harris Corp. plans to highlight several developments including: the launch of Flexstar HD Radio products, including an importer and an exporter; demos of the Split-Level Combining method and the PR&E RMXdigital audio console; a new line of furniture; and NeuStar products, which Harris said let FM stations offer 5.1 surround sound over HD Radio.
The Flexstar importer and exporter are compatible with Ibiquity’s transmission system software upgrade in which the audio encoding and processing are brought from the transmitter site back to the studio.
The Flexstar data importer accepts advanced application services, including supplemental program audio streams. The program exporter multiplexes data from the importer with a station’s main program channel, producing one bitstream for the HD Radio exciter. Harris and Ibiquity say the one bitstream is more bandwidth-efficient and easier for the STL to carry.
The company’s announcement also quoted Debra Huttenburg, vice president and general manager of the Radio Broadcast Systems business unit, as saying Harris is “looking forward to demonstrating its renewed focus to radio” at the show.