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Harris Says ‘World’s Largest Radio Modernization Program’ Completed in Romania

Harris Says 'World's Largest Radio Modernization Program' Completed in Romania

Harris said it had completed the “world’s largest-ever radio modernization program” two years ahead of schedule, in time to broadcast Romania’s December election results. This is the first phase of a program to upgrade and expand the nationwide broadcast infrastructure of Romania’s state-owned broadcast organization. The $85 million project included an upgrade from tube to analog solid-state transmitters, and is intended to improve radio coverage of the country dramatically.
Harris said it supplied 28 low-power (10 kW to 50 kW) medium-wave transmitters, eight high-power (200 kW and 400 kW) medium-wave transmitters, and 106 FM radio transmitters for local coverage as well as longer distances of difficult terrain at sites throughout Romania. The system is also designed to allow RDS handoff of listeners driving around the country. A long-wave AM transmitter will reach Romanians abroad.
Also included in the contract were antenna systems, microwave links, engineering, installation, training and commissioning services. Also, high- and low-power TV transmitters and translators were installed. Facilities were provided for remote monitoring of radio and TV transmission equipment from four regional headquarters.
Harris said that, until now, the country’s existing broadcast technology did not reach up to 40 percent of Romania’s 22.3 million people; now coverage will be complete.
An official with the supplier said, “Romania has not only undergone the single largest installation program in radio history, but it has also ensured that there is a digital future in place for its entire broadcast communications infrastructure.”