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Harris Talks 5.1, Advanced Datacasting at NAB

Harris Talks 5.1, Advanced Datacasting at NAB

Yet more pre-NAB buzz:
Expect to hear a lot about supplemental audio and 5.1 surround sound from Harris Corp. at the spring show.
Harris plans to display an FM HD Radio air-chain with multi-channel and surround sound capabilities. The studio will feature Harris’ VistaMax, a networking and audio management system. “In addition to enabling media to be routed and shared throughout a facility, VistaMax makes it possible to add channels efficiently.”
Visitors to the Harris booth will have the opportunity to listen to an FM HD Radio signal – including 5.1 surround sound audio delivered at a relatively low bit-rate – in a Hummer over a real-world radio receiver.
The company also plans to show an advanced datacasting application. “Long involved in the development of datacasting solutions for DTV and DAB, Harris will demonstrate the delivery of video over DAB to a PDA,” according to preshow information provided to Radio World. “As the transition to HD Radio continues, Harris anticipates that delivering data services to a growing number of devices will provide radio broadcasters with an important new source of revenue.”
The company will also show a Plus version of its Intraplex STL HD system, using a single T1 connection and Enhanced apt-X.