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Harris Wins Multi-Year HD Radio Deal From Cumulus

Harris Wins Multi-Year HD Radio Deal From Cumulus

The country’s second-largest radio group will convert at least 80 percent of its stations to HD Radio by 2012 using Harris transmission platforms.
Cumulus Broadcasting signed a multi-year, multimillion-dollar deal with Harris. The supplier announced it at a press conference Sunday here in Las Vegas at the NAB convention.
The radio group will have approximately 345 stations once its pending acquisition of Susquehanna is complete, making it the second-largest by station count and #4 by revenue.
Harris will provide HD transmitters and its Flexstar family of HD products. It will also provide analog transmitters to Cumulus stations.
Each site will feature an HD Radio-ready Harris transmitter with the new DSP-based Flexstar HDX-FM exciter. Cumulus will install Flexstar HDI-100 Importers and HDE-100 Exporters at Cumulus’ FM studios to implement supplementary audio for multicasting. The integration of the Flexstar units will allow Cumulus to integrate the IT-oriented Importer and Exporter at the studio instead of the transmission site.