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Harv Hendrickson to Retire

Was long-time NRB committee chair, involved in teaching communications

Harv Hendrickson announced his retirement from his position as vice president of radio operations at Northwestern Media at Northwestern College.

The retirement is effective June 30. Northwestern College is a private Christian liberal arts college in St. Paul, Minn. The school operates over a dozen radio stations in the upper Midwest.

His retirement was reported in a newsletter of the National Religious Broadcasters, for which Hendrickson did work as chairman of the Noncommercial Committee within the NRB Music Licensing Committee.

According to NRB, in that role, “Hendrickson was instrumental in negotiations on behalf of religious noncoms, working closely with NRB in the longstanding effort to bring about FCC policy changes regarding underwriting and fundraising for noncommercial media.”

NRB President and CEO Dr. Frank Wright stated: “Many of Harv’s faithful labors on behalf of the community of Christian broadcasters went unseen by most, but they were nonetheless significant in helping keep the doors of electronic media open for the spread of the Gospel.”