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HBC Selects Harris For Digital Transition

HBC Selects Harris For Digital Transition

Harris Corporation sold more than $725,000 worth of digital equipment to Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. for its transition to HD Radio. The sale enables HBC to convert 9 stations.
HBC purchased Harris DEXSTAR exciters for three stations: WADO(AM), New York; KTNQ(AM), Los Angeles; and WQBA(AM), Miami. The DEXSTAR provides the performance and functionality needed for audio processing for HD Radio. Hispanic Broadcasting also has purchased a DAX-5 kW medium-power FM transmitter for WIND(AM), Chicago.
“HD Radio is a bold leap into the future,” said David Stewart, director of
engineering, Hispanic Broadcasting. ”
Hispanic Broadcasting also has chosen Harris to upgrade its current Harris FM transmitters to the Harris Z-HD series of HD Radio FM transmitters for: WOJO, Chicago; WCAA, New York; KLVE, Los Angeles; WRTO, Miami, Florida and KEMR, San Francisco.
Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation owns and/or operates 63 radio stations in 15 of the top 20 Hispanic markets.