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HCJB Helps Haitian Station Refurb

Radio Lumière to get a facelift

Religious broadcaster HCJB Global is helping Haitian partner Radio Lumière with a refurbishment of its main studios in Port-au-Prince.

Josué Louis Charles is shown in-studio.

Radio Lumière has a nine-station network that escaped major damage during last year’s earthquake.

The publication HCJB Global News Update says the team, from HCJB’s Global Technology Center in Elkhart, Ind., is led by Ted Miller. They will be looking elements such as acoustic treatment of the facility and wiring of broadcast equipment in the production and on-air studios, including a multitrack recording studio.

Author Marla Bender quotes Miller as saying: “Older equipment is often unreliable … We want to replace it and simplify the system so that they might have dependable studios that will carry them through the next 10 years of ministry.”

The story also discusses the difficulties in working in third-world countries, where planning and logistics become major efforts. HCJB and Radio Lumière have maintained a long relationship. One of HCJB’s engineers, Alan Good, was working with Radio Lumière when the quake occurred.

HCJB’s story is here.