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HCJB Tech Center Celebrates 25

From big SW transmitters to the latest in new media, changing missions, same goal

International religious broadcaster HCJB Global will note the 25th anniversary of its Technology Center in Elkhart, Ind., on Dec. 15.

Officially started in 1986, the center traces its roots to a co-op project with Clarence Moore and Crown International in 1975 to build a 500 kW transmitter using Crown’s facilities.

That effort provided the core for HCJB Global to develop its own technology research and custom manufacturing facilities, the HCJB Global technology Center in Elkhart. The original director was Dave Pasechnik; the current director is David Russell.

The original main mission of the center was to build energy-efficient 100 kW transmitters for deployment by HCJB.

Over the years the center has added to its mission with technical training of HCJB broadcast personnel. It also has modified its technical mission by concentrating on developing and deploying FM transmitters for local broadcasting duties in individual countries.

Russell said of the new technical mission, “What was needed were portable, easy-to-install FM transmitters suitable for local radio stations and easily transported internationally.”

Last year the center created the Jack and June Nikkel Media Center to examine new media technologies.

Russell summed up the goals of the center: “We’re not just passionate about providing tools to ministry partners. We’re mobilizing more workers, discovering their potential through work teams and internships. It’s here that we will train and equip others to harness the power of emergent technologies. We won’t stop until everyone hears the gospel, and we’ll use whatever it takes to make that happen.”

Radio World profiled the HCJB Global Technology Center in 2008.