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HD Radio Alliance to Air $110M in Spots in 2011

Ferrara urges radio groups to join effort

Whether HD Radio has been a success to date remains a contentious question in the radio industry. For its advocates, however, optimism continues to be the byword.

HD Radio Alliance member companies are continuing their partnership and say they plan an “aggressive” marketing campaign next year.

The alliance estimates the value of 2011 spots at more than $110 million; they’ll air on approximately 650 stations in the top 100 markets. Alliance members include CBS Radio, Clear Channel Radio, Greater Media, Emmis, Entercom, Bonneville International, Beasley Broadcasting, Buckley Radio, WBEB(FM), Philadelphia.

Despite a difficult economic environment, the HD Radio Alliance and iBiquity Digital say they have been successful this year in advancing HD Radio technology, consumer awareness and most important, HD Radio sales. The technology has continued to grow and gain momentum, they say, pointing to announcements and partnerships from Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy, Sears, Ford, Hyundai, BMW and others.

Alliance President Peter Ferrara promised announcements in 2011 that will be “watershed events toward mass adoption” and credited the commitment of the member companies with advancing the IBOC rollout. IBiquity Digital President/CEO Bob Struble said the alliance has helped the technology company secure key deals.

Ferrara called on other radio broadcast companies to join the alliance. There are now no financial obligations, format restrictions or commercial limitations, he said. “With only a modest commitment of inventory, other radio groups can make a significant difference in our efforts.”

The 2011 creative and strategic planning will continue to be consulted by Jacobs Media along with Kevyn Howard and the production staff at CBS Radio.

The HD Radio Alliance also oversees the consumer information website, where information on local HD Radio stations and formats are listed along with a “Buyers Guide” outlining HD Radio device, retailers and automotive availability.

Diane Warren, president of operations for the alliance, said the site “continues to see consistently high traffic each month with many first time visitors looking to find the radio stations in their market and the best place to buy a new HD Radio receiver.”