HD Radio Demoed at ITU Event, Targeting Pacific Rim

HD Radio Demoed at ITU Event, Targeting Pacific Rim
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Broadcast Electronics and Metro Radio, working with Ibiquity Digital, conducted an HD Radio demonstration at the ITU Telecom World 2006 conference. It is believed to be the first HD Radio demo in Hong Kong.
Metro Radio, a commercial broadcaster, demonstrated HD Radio using a BE FMi 106 transmission system, which broadcast HD Radio at low power on 100.1 MHz. Digital signals were picked up by an HD Radio receiver for the duration of the conference.
“The success of this demonstration is critical because it effectively enjoins Pacific Rim broadcasters and receiver manufacturers in making HD Radio happen around the world,” stated BE Vice President Global Sales Michael Burgett.


BE Demos HD Radio EPG

At NAB2007, in collaboration with HD Radio developers iBiquity Digital Corp., Broadcast Electronics (BE) demonstrated an electronic program guide (EPG) for HD Radio IBOC digital radio.