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HD Radio Is on the Air in New Zealand, BE Says

HD Radio Is on the Air in New Zealand, BE Says

Recently HD Radio showed up in Brazil; now it has popped up in New Zealand as part of a supplier demonstration. Broadcast Electronics says one of its systems is the first to deliver HD Radio signals heard in that country.
Transmitting on 106.1 MHz from the Skytower in Auckland, the broadcast is under a special demonstration license from government regulators there.
Cobalt Technologies, BE’s representative in New Zealand, submitted the license request and installed the digital FM system. A Cobalt spokesman cited as a benefit IBOC’s ability to allow stations to go digital without turning off their analog. The Eureka-147 system, which some countries are using, is only digital and requires new spectrum.
The analog and digital signals in Auckland are transmitted by a BE FXi 60 digital FM exciter operating at 37 watts analog and 370 milliwatts digital. Chuck Kelly, BE director of international sales, said informal signal strength tests indicate the digital has a potential reach of better than 60 percent of the metro Auckland population.
BE and Cobalt sponsored a seminar on digital radio and synchronous FM, held in Auckland.