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HD Radios Do Well on Podcast Listener Survey

Nielsen explores gifts for the podcast junkie on your holiday list

Want to get a gift for your favorite podcast listener? Nielsen Scarborough has a report out, examining the shopping behavior of this consumer demographic and assessing what might be on their holiday wish list.

For the purposes of this list, “podcast listeners” are defined as adults 18+ who have listened to or downloaded a podcast during the prior 30 days.

Such people are often early adopters of new technology, Nielsen says. In fact, “one in three are also more likely to say they are the first of their friends and colleagues to try new technology products.” Also, 65% of podcast listeners say they are fascinated by new tech, so virtual reality devices, smart watches, robots and smart home devices are all good candidates for gifts.

Podcast listeners indicated their households had a higher likelihood to buy some electronics in the next year. Good news for U.S. digital radio broadcasters: At the top of that list was HD Radio products (citing by 289 respondents). That means that podcast-listening households are 189% more likely to plan to purchase an HD Radio in 2017. Also on the list are e-readers (209), video game systems (195), digital cameras (155) and HDTVs (135).

While 91% of podcast listeners own a smartphone, they are also 52% more likely to plan to purchase a new device in the upcoming year. As for tablets, they are 78% more likely to be planning to purchase these during the next year.

A gift card to an online electronics retailer is another potentially good option because these podcast listeners are 127% more likely to have shopped for consumer electronics online during the past year as compared to the average adult.

Also, podcast listeners are 149% more likely to have watched a TV program using an online subscription service, 135% more likely to have downloaded/purchased music, 129% more likely to have watched/downloaded movies and 121% more likely to have listened to an online music service in the past 30 days. Therefore, a year’s subscription to Netflix or Spotify, or another online subscription service could be just the thing.