HD Radios Sold on QVC

So how did HD Radio do on QVC?
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So how did HD Radio do on QVC?

About 500 HD Radio receivers were sold last week on QVC in just over 20 minutes.

Three models were shown last Wednesday evening, the night the NAB Radio Show opened in Charlotte: the Polk Audio I-Sonic Audio Entertainment System, which includes a DVD/CD player; the Visteon HD Pulse, an HD-R tabletop clock radio; and the Radiosophy HD 100, also a tabletop.

Each radio enjoyed about eight minutes of airtime.

The HD Digital Radio Alliance promoted the show with member station radio spots in 100 markets.


HD Radio, ‘Slowly But Surely’

It’s good to see more receiver makers debuting their first HD Radio products; and I was heartened to learn about the 50 or so HD-R-related products on the show floor, compared to around 20 new items last year.