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HD-R Alliance Starts Engineering Co-op

HD-R Alliance Starts Engineering Co-op
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The top technical employees of the nine radio groups that belong to the HD Digital Radio Alliance are members of a newly-formed engineering co-cop. Gary Kline, formerly corporate director of engineering at Cumulus and now vice president of engineering for the broadcaster, is chairing the group. The purpose, he said, is to create a way for engineers whose companies belong to the alliance to share information quickly and help each other make the transition to digital with an open and on-going dialog.
"Prior to this, some of the engineers were sharing information anyway, but this gives us a conduit between alliance management and engineers," said Kline, who adds Ibiquity Digital is in favor of the group.
Clear Channel's IT department is hosting a list serve for the group, said Kline.
Members are being forthright and open with each other, he said, and added the formation of the group doesn't preclude members from sticking to their own company deadlines and technical parameters.


The HD-R Alliance Gears Up for 2007

At its launch a year ago, members of the HD Digital Radio Alliance — most of them commercial radio group operators — said they had set out to accomplish three things: increase consumer awareness of HD Radio, find ways to accelerate consumer demand and look for ways to help the distribution of HD Radio through retail, automotive and online avenues.