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HD-R Car Converters Due this Fall

HD-R Car Converters Due this Fall

Several HD Radio car converters are expected to come on the market beginning in November.
They will be offered to consumers by auto dealerships and in radio promotions, according to Peter Ferrara, president/CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance.
The devices, made by DICE, which we’ve previously reported, and other manufacturers, are meant to bridge the gap between OEM factory-installed HD Radios and the automotive aftermarket IBOC radios. They allow most in-dash radios, whether analog AM/FM or satellite radio, to receive HD-R signals.
Ferrara likens the new devices to FM converters used years ago to enable AM car radios to receive FM signals. The buzz surrounding the converters, which FM stations used as promotional items, accelerated automotive efforts to include FM in their radios, he told RW Online.
“We expect these HD Radio converters will do the same thing as they come to market,” Ferrara said.