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HD-R Technology Being Designed for MP3 Players, Cell Phones, Navigation Systems

Next-generation chips — smaller and less power-hungry — are ready for device-makers.

Samsung and SiPort are shipping HD-R chipsets to dozens of receiver makers covering the automotive and home/office markets, Ibiquity said. RW saw prototypes of the new chipsets in January; they enable lower-power HD Radio receiver designs as well as smaller form-factors.

The Samsung chipset features conditional access, store & replay and traffic & navigation abilities. SiPort’s single chip has been designed for low-power, high-performance portables outside of the automotive market, such as portable GPS devices. TSMC is fabricating the chipset.

Further, Sanyo is shipping a single-chip digital radio tuner/digital signal processor. The new tuner/DSP similarly is enabling more compact and lower-cost designs of high-performance car radios and audio processing systems, according to Ibiquity.