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FCC Activates DIRS for Power Outage in Puerto Rico

Radio stations are among those asked to report status

Update: The commission subsequently deactivated DIRS on Saturday April 9.

In response to the massive power outage in Puerto Rico, the Federal Communications Commission activated its Disaster Information Reporting System for communications. Radio stations in the affected area are among those asked to check in.

According to news reports, millions of people were without power on Thursday because of the failure.

DIRS is a voluntary system in which communications providers, including radio and TV stations, can report infrastructure status and help with situational awareness.

The FCC asked that communications providers that provide service to a lengthy list of communities submit and update information through DIRS regarding the status of their communications equipment, restoration efforts and power, i.e., whether they are using commercial power or backup power. You can read the full announcement here including the lengthy list of communities for which the FCC requested updates.

The access portal is that it has a big scary warning screen at first).  New users will  asked to provide contact information and obtain a User ID when they access DIRS.   If a user does not remember his/her password, they can use the forgotten password link on the login page.  If any user has any problems accessing DIRS, please contact any of the numbers listed below.

For questions, broadcasters and other communications providers can email [email protected] or call the FCC 24/7 Operations Center at 202-418-1122

The commission also has posted a Resource Page with more assets regarding the outage.