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Here’s What You Owe the FCC

The commission has a fact sheet to help you with your station’s regulatory fee

The FCC has released a fact sheet that lists the regulatory fee amounts that U.S. media services licensees, including commercial radio stations, must pay by Sept. 28.

The document also answers common questions. You can access the Word document here.

As we’ve reported, broadcasters’ fees went up 7 to 8% this year, after the commission had previewed a larger increase. Radio station fees range from $22,390 per station for the largest FMs in the biggest markets, down to $655 for certain small AMs.

Regulatory fee payments must be received by the commission no later than 11:59 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time, on Sept. 28.

You should also note that since the previous fee deadline, the FCC has discontinued the use of its Fee Filer system and incorporated it into the Commission Registration System, or CORES. To use that system, you first need to register with the FCC. The fact sheet explains that process but it’s probably a good idea not to wait til the last minute only to encounter that for the first time.

Media services licensees can also look up their fee amounts by logging onto and clicking on the “View Fee Information and Exempt Status for any Broadcast Property” link.  (In some instances you may have to clear your browser first.) You can view amounts, fee codes, facility identification numbers and other information.