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IAAIS Presents Annual Awards

Meet the elite of audio information service providers

IAAIS, International Association of Audio Information Services, Audio-Reader Network, Lori Kesinger, Alison Beloin Dean, Maryfrances Evans
Award winner Audio-Reader Network staff members Lori Kesinger (left) and Alison Beloin Dean (right) accept congratulations from IAAIS President Maryfrances Evans (center).

At its recent annual conference in June the International Association of Audio Information Services presented a series of awards for individuals, organizations and programs.

The programming winners were:

Newspapers — Audio Reading Service, Fort Wayne, Ind., “Journal Gazette Book Reviews”

Consumer Information — Audio Reading Service, Fort Wayne, Ind., “Broadcast Program Schedule”

Magazines — Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence, Kan., “The Adult Hour”

Magazine Digest —  (three winners) — WXXI Reachout Radio, Rochester, N.Y., “Silver Threads: The Opiod Impact on Elders”; VOICEcorps, Columbus, Ohio, “Keystrokes”; Audio Reading Service, Fort Wayne, Ind., “Wired”

Narrative Reading — Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence, Kan., “The Book Club: Beauty Will Save the World”

Drama and Dramatic Reading — Talking Information Center, Marshfield, Mass., “Dracula”

Thematic Production ­— Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence, Kan., “Springfield Regional News Promo”

Interview and/or Call-In — Virginia Voice, Richmond, Va., “The Mighty Pen Episodes”

Non-Reading Entertainment — Audio-Reader Network, Lawrence, Kan., “New Year’s in History”

On Location — Talking Information Center, Marshfield, Mass., “Sunset Boulevard”

The group says that the entries are judged by staff and volunteers of member stations.

Four Public Affairs Awards were presented. They are designed to honor excellence in member organizations. They are intended to raise awareness of excellence at work in all areas of our sector and honor staff and volunteers who excel in the audio information service field. The winners were:

Excellence in Organizational Leadership — Marjorie Moore, former president and CEO of MindsEye, for her 15 years of leadership where she diversified revenue and guided the organization through a state budget crisis.

Excellence in Communications and Marketing — MindsEye, for their ongoing communications initiative, Arts and Culture Accessibility Cooperative (ACAC).

Volunteer Excellence — Carl Graves, a 21-year volunteer with the Audio-Reader Network. In 2018 Graves dedicated over 520 hours to preparing, creating and reading programming, volunteering an average of 10 hours each week. Graves has also won programming awards.

Excellence in Fundraising — Ultimate Beepball Tournament. Ultimate Beepball Tournament participating teams compete in games of beepball, or blindfolded baseball, a sport that brings together blind and sighted athletes and features a beeping ball and buzzing bases. It introduced by MindsEye in 2007.

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