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Headphone Amplifiers for On-Air Studios, Remotes

Headphone Amplifiers for On-Air Studios, Remotes

The Audio Technologies Inc. Encore Series of headphone amplifiers shown at AES earlier this month includes the HDA400 and HDA600 amps.
The HDA400 is a four output stereo monitoring system. It has balanced 1/4-inch TRS stereo line inputs with a master level control, clipping indicator and stereo/mono switch that drives four independently adjustable high compliance stereo outputs. Each output comfortably drives typical 32 to 600 ohm headphones to SPL in excess if 120 dB at 100 mV each. There are duplicate headphone jacks on the front and rear panels. The amp takes up one rack space and has an internal power supply.
The HDA600 is a six-output stereo headphone distribution system with parallel balanced XLR and TRS cue and stereo line inputs to allow easy loop-thru and connector flexibility. A mic/line cue input is adjustable and selectable into left, right or both internal distribution busses mixed with the stereo line feed. Clip LEDs monitor cue and line inputs. Six independent, 100 mW high-compliance stereo headphone drivers are fed from either the internal distribution busses or from individual rear TRS connectors configurable as stereo unbalanced or mono balanced inputs. Signal presence LEDs monitor each input. There are duplicate headphone outputs on the front and rear of the one rack, internally powered unit. Prices: HDA400: $429; HDA600: $549.
For more information from Audio Technologies Inc., contact the company in Pennsylvania at (215) 443-0330.