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× Is Launched by Greater Media

Smyth says royalty bill could be ‘potentially devastating to all of us who work in radio’

Greater Media is describing the possible consequences of the proposed performance royalty in dire terms, suggesting that the very survival of radio is at stake.

This image appears at the Greater Media Web site.It launched a Web site to coordinate opposition to the proposed performance royalty or “tax” on airplay. Greater Media CEO Peter Smyth says the royalty bill could be “potentially devastating to all of us who work in radio and all those who depend on radio for financial and community support.”

The company’s feelings about the royalty are reflected in the name of the site: “”

The site provides info about the proposal, which broadcasters are lobbying against in Washington, and encourages visitors to sign an online petition. It also helps them find their congressional representatives by Zip code.

In addition to launching the site, Greater Media said it is “reaching out to its stations’ local databases” and running on-air promotional announcements, inviting radio supporters to sign the petition opposing the measure, which will be distributed to members of Congress.