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Henry Engineering Has Digital Distribution System

Henry Engineering Has Digital Distribution System

The Digital DA 2X8 from Henry Engineering is a dual-mode distribution system for AES/EBU digital audio signals, suitable for routing to multiple destinations. The company says it produces outputs that are copies of the input signals, and there are no changes to data or timing, and that no jitter, delay or latency is added. The unit is compatible with sample rates up to 96 kHz.
The unit has two inputs and eight outputs. There are two operating modes, selected by a recessed front-panel pushbutton. In Single mode, the unit operates as a 1-in, 8-out DA, in that a single input signal is reproduced on each of the eight outputs. In Dual mode, it operates as two independent 1-in, 4-out DAs, in that each of the two input signals produces four outputs. There is no interaction between the two channels.
The presence of output signals is confirmed via an LED for each output group. Inputs and outputs are transformer isolated. Input termination is user-selectable. Input signals are conditioned to correct for low levels and high frequency roll-off caused by long cable runs. The output signals conform to AES/EBU standards.
Digital DA 2X8 is 1/3 rack-width, and can be rack-mounted using an optional rack shelf or wall-mounted with optional wall/cabinet mounting brackets.
More info is here.