Henry Updates Product Line

Henry Updates Product Line
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Henry Engineering has repackaged its line of audio interfaces and digital storage systems as rackmount units, departing from its legacy of mount-anywhere blue boxes. The new units are 1/3 rack width and include AC power supply, so no "wall wart" adapters are needed.
Classics such as the Matchbox unbalanced-balanced converter and the SupeRelay control interface have made the transition. New to the lineup at the recent NAB were the DigiMatch two-in, six-out digital audio interface and DA that converts between AES-EBU and S/PDIF signals; and the newest version of the Digistor MP, which stores up to 20 minutes of 15 kHz mono audio. This unit is appropriate for network news delay, ID/spot insert for remote translators and message-on-hold.
Info: www.henryeng.com.