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Here Comes dMarc Flow

Here Comes dMarc Flow

Where is the extra revenue from IBOC going to come from? Expect to hear more about “dMarc Flow.”
Ibiquity and dMarc Networks, an RF subcarrier management and wireless data distribution firm, will market dMarc Flow for use by AM and FM broadcasters using HD Radio.
DMarc partners with some of the same radio groups that have invested in Ibiquity, such as Clear Channel and Radio One.
“As the transition to HD Radio digital broadcasting accelerates, broadcasters are going to look for integrated systems and service providers that can deliver a wide range of data content,” said Robert Struble, president and CEO of Ibiquity.
Ryan Steelberg, president of dMarc, said his technology of analog RDS enables text to be broadcast and displayed on RDS-enabled receivers.
“The increased bandwidth capacity inherent in digital technology affords dMarc offerings of enhanced value-added content and data services.”