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Heritage FM Reengineered in Canada by Dielectric

Heritage FM Reengineered in Canada by Dielectric

From Radio World’s Who’s Buying What page:
Dielectric Communications said it supplied engineering and custom manufacturing to Corus Entertainment’s heritage station CKOI(FM) in Montreal. The station took steps to resume broadcasts at its licensed power of 307,000 watts.
“One of only five super-power stations in Canada, CKOI maintains a downtown Montreal transmitting site,” the supplier stated. “Without the modifications provided by Dielectric, CKOI FM would have been forced to reduce power to 122,800 watts permanently or move the antenna from the top of the CIBC building to the outskirts of town, thereby losing both its tremendous range and market.”
The project involved a custom redesign of the antenna to meet NIR antenna and feedline standards. Antenna spacing and other elements were modified to reduce downward non-ionizing radiation.
Dieletric’s John Chapman said there was no evidence to show the site was causing harmful effects, but that the client wanted to be proactive in meeting safety codes.
Jack Hoeppner is national director of engineering at Corus Entertainment. Gord Henke, president of D.E.M. Allen & Associates, consulted.